What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Every week I talk to people who want to make the most of their money.

Some clients who contact me aren’t quite sure where to start, while others know exactly what they want to achieve financially.

What most have in common, though, is the tendency to put the cart before the horse (so to speak).

It’s great to have a plan for your money, but that plan has a much higher chance of success if you are working towards a personal goal – an aspiration that is close to your heart and aligned with your personal values.

At its core, a plan is a means to an end – a map to guide you towards your final destination. But before you go ahead and mark an ‘X’ on the spot you are aiming for, take some time to consider exactly what is driving you to succeed.

Why did you choose that particular destination, dream or goal – and what is motivating you to get there?

What is getting you out of bed in the morning?

The dream could be anything – from a specific financial concern such as the drive to pay off your mortgage, to the desire to provide a secure and comfortable lifestyle for your family.

It may be to provide a financial legacy for your kids when you’re no longer around, or to contribute to your community for as long as you can via donations to your local sporting organisation, preferred charity or church group.

But it is the destination beyond that dream – the personal ‘why’ factor – that will ensure your motivation equation truly adds up.

In his book Start With Why, Simon Sinek asks: What is your purpose? What is your cause? What is your belief?

The ‘why’ that gets you out of bed every morning isn’t the idea of paying off your mortgage, saving for a comfortable retirement, or donating your time or money to charity.

They’re simply the ‘what’ – the practical means to the end.

The ‘why’ is much more personal – to achieve financial freedom so that you can spend more time doing the things you love; to contribute to the wellbeing and satisfaction of your family or community; to reach a state of contentment and satisfaction within your life.

If you find yourself struggling for motivation, or need help clarifying what is important in your personal and financial life, start with what gets you out of bed in the morning.

Start with your purpose. Start with your ‘why’. Once you understand this – once you put the horse back where it belongs, in front of the cart – it will seem so much easier to saddle up the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ and set off on a steady trot towards your journey’s end.

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