Do I really need a Financial Adviser?

One of the most common questions I get asked by potential new clients is “Do I really need a financial adviser?”

The answer, just like the advice I provide, is tailored to the individual’s specific situation. But consider this: if a pipe burst in your house, would you hesitate to call in a plumber to get it fixed? And if your car needed regular servicing to keep it in tip top condition, would you tinker around under the hood or take it to an experienced mechanic?

There’s no question that at certain times in your life, seeking advice from a professional will be the best investment you can make.

Getting into good financial shape is like getting into good physical shape.

Some people are happy to train at home, or buy a gym membership – while some of us need one-on-one guidance to keep us focused, accountable and on track to meet our goals and aspirations.

A good financial adviser is like a good personal fitness trainer. They will design a plan tailored to your requirements, which can be adjusted over time to align with your changing goals, needs and financial situation.

While some people prefer to forge their own way ahead towards their financial future, many others find that results can be achieved faster, more efficiently and with a greater deal of confidence and certainty with someone to guide them rather than by working out on their own.

Many of my clients are busy professionals or business owners – including financial professionals, company executives, engineers and teachers. They are all intelligent people who have all benefited from personalised financial advice.

The other question I often encounter is: “Just what type of guidance can I seek from my financial adviser?”

Unlike an accountant, whose main purpose is often to balance your books and assist with tax planning, a financial adviser plays a different role when it comes to examining your financial future.

A financial adviser can help if:

  • you want to make the most of your money;
  • you want to improve your financial fitness but aren’t sure where to start;
  • you are frustrated by financial complexity in your life;
  • you want to make informed financial decisions and avoid the BIG financial mistakes; or
  • you have limited time and want to outsource some of your financial decisions (e.g. wealth creation strategies, investment management and retirement planning decisions).

You can also use your financial adviser as a sounding board when making those decision that have a major financial impact on your life – whether it’s buying a house, starting (or adding to) your family, or planning your retirement.

Your finances can be a complex and confusing area with plenty of mixed messages online and in the media. It makes sense to seek out a professional, who can provide a single source of truth for your questions and concerns, and keep you accountable when reaching for your goals.

Do you want to make the most of your money but aren't sure where to start?

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